Sheena easton - my treasure is you

It is saying something when a song sounds great except for the particular singer who is belting it out. The belter here is Sheena Easton and the song in case is "My Cherie," which is like a melodic offspring of "Morning Train": smooth and repetitive so that it clings to the listener willingly or not. Easton 's vocals are so nasally and hyperactive on the song that it is nearly unbearable, yet so hard to shake off. That said, the rest of the album is pleasant and relaxing, sometimes danceable, though not very memorable. The flip side of the song "My Cherie" is that her voice is the best thing on the remaining tracks. The joyful energy is top-notch on "Next to You" and "Too Much in Love," along with slip-and-slide production quality. There is hardly reason to dislike any of the other tracks, they are friendly and not tragically sentimental, though they pass over non-affectingly. Sheena Easton has proved herself time and again with energetic singles, as well as charming, teary ballads. Her talent extends beyond the flakiness of "My Cherie," and with potential to drive to full force like the Scottish diva she is, why she has placed her stakes at a General Hospital soundtrack level is anyone's guess.

Sheena Easton - My Treasure Is YouSheena Easton - My Treasure Is YouSheena Easton - My Treasure Is YouSheena Easton - My Treasure Is You