The pursuit of happiness - kalendar

from the album Man on the Moon: The End of Day · Copyright: Writer(s): Evan Mast, Scott Mescudi, Michael Stroud Lyrics Terms of Use

Although it’s a little spooky to think about, it is essential to start with the biology: a realization that you are nothing more than a complex machine made of meat. Fleshy chunks, tubes, hormones and electrical signals are the underlying stuff that powers your deepest insights and emotions. So, in much the same way that fear is just a chemical , so happiness is mostly a squirt of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and maybe a few Endorphins. If you’ve ever consumed mood-altering drugs including caffeine or alcohol, or found yourself in an inexplicably bad (or good) mood, you have already felt these things in action.

The true saints, mystics and philosophers of the world realized that real, lasting happiness does not come from material objects or even relationships (beyond a point).   All material objects and even human relationships are expectation-dependent.  In other words, there is an expectation (either clear or subtle) from you – in the form of either a financial or emotional payback.   These expectations also suffer from the curse of marginal utility .  

The Pursuit Of Happiness - KalendarThe Pursuit Of Happiness - KalendarThe Pursuit Of Happiness - KalendarThe Pursuit Of Happiness - Kalendar