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Because the axis mundi is an idea that unites a number of concrete images, no contradiction exists in regarding multiple spots as "the center of the world". The symbol can operate in a number of locales at once. [7] Mount Hermon was regarded as the axis mundi in Caananite tradition, from where the sons of God are introduced descending in 1 Enoch (1En6:6). [14] The ancient Armenians had a number of holy sites, the most important of which was Mount Ararat , which was thought to be the home of the gods as well as the center of the Universe. [15] Likewise, the ancient Greeks regarded several sites as places of earth's omphalos (navel) stone, notably the oracle at Delphi , while still maintaining a belief in a cosmic world tree and in Mount Olympus as the abode of the gods. Judaism has the Temple Mount , Christianity has the Mount of Olives and Calvary , Islam has Ka'aba , said to be the first building on earth, and the Temple Mount ( Dome of the Rock ). In Hinduism , Mount Kailash is identified with the mythical Mount Meru and regarded as the home of Shiva ; in Vajrayana Buddhism , Mount Kailash is recognized as the most sacred place where all the dragon currents converge and is regarded as the gateway to Shambhala . In Shinto , the Ise Shrine is the omphalos. [ citation needed ] In addition to the Kunlun Mountains , where it is believed the peach tree of immortality is located, the Chinese folk religion recognizes four other specific mountains as pillars of the world.

The main unit houses the processor, network, power and other connections. It determines, among other things, the video streaming performance, the image settings available (such as wide dynamic range), and analytics.

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