Atlantic ocean - waterfall 2002

For this week's shore town we cross the Atlantic Ocean to Doolin, Ireland. A popular tourist destination known for its traditional Irish music, this shore town is located in County Clare, Ireland. Its spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean have morphed this fishing town into a must visit spot in Ireland. Doolin is also known for its history as there are several ancient structures dating back to the iron age or earlier including Doonagore Castle.

The east coast of South America is shaped somewhat like the west coast of Africa , and this gave a clue that continents moved over long periods of time ( continental drift ). The Atlantic Ocean is still growing now, because of sea-floor spreading from the mid-Atlantic Ridge , [3] while the Pacific Ocean is said to be shrinking because the sea floor is folding under itself . [4]

Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002