Esad plavi - daš nedaš

Esad Plavi (born Esad Muharemović ) is a popular Bosnian singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina . His work is considered one of the most influential in the folk music worldwide. After almost two decades of valuable work, he became well-known in every single town from Alaska to New Zealand . Esad's most famous song is Seherzada, which is especially popular among young female population. [1] Nowadays, his fans compare him (due to his outstanding look) with one of the all-time greatest singers Elvis Presley . The Seherzada song was so popular that his last album reached the record number of 2,300,000 of copies sold. [2] He was born in Cape Town in South Africa where his grandfather Fahrudin emigrated from Ottoman Empire during balkan wars. His decent life has changed following the familiar tragedy where his father died. After 22 years living in his birthtown he moved to his ancestors homeland Bosnia, with his wife Radodajka. Esad's talent was discovered on his brothers wedding party where he sang. First contract was signed in 1989, and after only one year he made his first album Ne kuni što si volela. His twin brother, Jasmin Muharemović , is also a popular singer. It is amazing that one of the brothers (although they're twins) was born in Cape Town, and the other in Tešanj [ citation needed ] .

Esad Plavi - Daš Nedaš